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the Public Health Association of Bangladesh 

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To promote Public Health movement in Bangladesh and create a suitable atmosphere for healthful living and thereby promote the growth and development of a healthier nation, Public Health Association of Bangladesh was formed. It aims at organizing community efforts for early detection, prevention and control of preventable diseases, promoting formulation of health principles to be adopted in different public and private sphere according to the resources, aspirations, limitations and environment of the people and suitability to their culture and so on. The movement is not a history of many years. Despite the ongoing biggest ongoing health program in the world like Health Nutrition and Population Sector Program (HNSPS) in Bangladesh, still the country thrives for a situation ensuring health for all. The objective of the association is to promote and provide support to the efforts at different levels. The journey of Public Health Association of Bangladesh is going on overcoming many obstacles. It hopes that participation of promising public health professionals of Bangladesh from home and abroad will smoothen this journey.