C/O BUHS, 125/1 Darussalam Road, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh


Prof. Shah Monir Hossain


Public Health Association of Bangladesh

The world is currently going through a difficult time due to the pandemic which has thrown our society and health care system into the most challenging situations. We are adapting and have begun a new normal phase of life. When confronted by COVID-19, we have helped each other with multisectoral approach and taken on the challenges in solidarity. Never before have the destinies of people in different countries of the world been so closely connected. With this new normalcy, this year on 3 – 4 September, we invite you to the first-ever virtual Annual conference 2021 of Public Health Association of Bangladesh to share ideas and expertise, to advance all- round cooperation and to build a closer public health community. Bangladesh demonstrated remarkable progress toward health care services and during the last decade, Bangladesh has managed to expand health service coverage, reduce disease burden and improve overall health outcomes of the population. Despite the success, we must recognize that tackling the rising burden of communicable and non-communicable disease would be a challenge to move towards universal health coverage. The spread of COVID-19 has also posed critical consequence on the health systems in Bangladesh. The disease prevalence is shifting from communicable to non-communicable diseases globally and sustainable development goals have given greater emphasis on controlling non- communicable diseases. With rapid urbanization and changes in lifestyle and food habits, the changes of disease pattern cause adverse financial and social impacts for individual and the society. The role of public health interventions in reducing the risk factors and overall improvement of the health indicators is always well recognized. I am sure the participants of this conference will be benefited by exchanging knowledge and experience through a series of scientific feast during the conference. Finally, I congratulate all the members who provide their sincere efforts in organizing the annual conference 2021 of Public Health Association of Bangladesh. Best wishes

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