C/O BUHS, 125/1 Darussalam Road, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh


Prof. Walter Ricciardi

President, World Federation of Public Health Associations 

To build a nation if we require two things one should be education and the other will be health . We can’t build an educated nation, if the health of the citizens are not to the mark . So to me health will always get its priority over any other issue. To strengthen the health system of any nation , we need a proper and timely worthy health policy . To do this we need public health experts, to take the lead . I am delighted that the Public Health Association of Bangladesh has taken the timely step to organize their Annual Scientific Conference. The theme of the conference is actually what we need to think and believe. Understanding the real health problems, future prediction and probable solution must be given priority at this time , when we have understood how devastating is health system can become by a single pandemic . I wish all the public health experts joining this conference will show us the path and propose some key interventions which is require for all of us to develop and sustain a modern health system . May this conference become a huge success?

Special Guest_Prof Walter Ricciardi