C/O BUHS, 125/1 Darussalam Road, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh


Prof. Dr. Md. Anower HUssein

Secretary General

Public Health Association of Bangladesh

It has been a splendid privilege for us, the organizing committee and different sub-committees to work in collaboration with the target of successful ending of our annual scientific Conference 2021. Since its inception we traversed a long way in gaining a good conference. We tried to maintain the standard of the conference in very possible ways like selection of good abstract relating to the theme of our conference and ensuring the presence of eminent academicians, speakers, guests and public health leaders of the country. About 500 Public Health contributors, Healthcare professionals, researchers, community practitioners and civil society advocates have registered for this conference. Almost 120 Abstracts received for the oral and poster presentations. More than 50 renowned scientists, academician, policymakers are expected to be present as speakers, chair and co-chair, moderators during 2 days of our conference. We firmly believe that the conference will be an innovative and interactive event with the latest in science thinking, policy, and management discussion. It will also provide participants with the unique opportunity to network and build social relationship. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all those who smoothen the journey towards a successful ending of our annual conference 2021. Firstly, the honorable chairman and member secretary of the organizing committee for their tireless effort and secondly the members of all sub-committees for their sincere supports in every tire of the conference.

Anower Sir